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Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

About Darkmaster and Lightmaiden


Are you a fan of interesting adventures? Come right to the game Darkmaster and Lightmaiden a 2D game that is most popular today. In the game, you will be transformed into two characters Darkmaster and Lightmaiden respectively. Darkmaster is a male character whose characteristic color is purple, the other Lightmaiden is a female character whose characteristic color is white. Your mission is to send two characters through the obstacles along the way to advance to unlock the final gate at each level.

To overcome obstacles you should remember that puddles have different features. Purple Darkmaster will be immune to purple puddles, if Darkmaster falls into a white puddle he will lose his life and have to start over. In contrast to the white Lightmaiden will be immune to white puddles and when Lightmaiden falls in the purple he will have to start over. The two will have to work together in a rhythmic way to overcome dangerous challenges together. After passing all the puddles open the switch, a wall will fall to open a new passage. One of the two will climb the wall, the other will turn on the switch to climb to the 2nd floor.

The game has 15 different levels, each level will have its own new and interesting things, let's go through all the levels of your skills, which will be improved like never before. Complete each level and collect all the flames and the gate will open.

Use the arrow keys to move left, right, jump up.
Use SPACE KEY (space bar) to change characters.
Key E to open the switch.

Have a good time relaxing while playing the game
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