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Gartic Io

About Gartic Io


Gartic io plays drawing and guessing with his teammates. One word per round will be selected, drawn on paper for others to guess. Guess the fastest and most accurate to add the most points.

Gartic io is a very simple game to play.
When it's the turn of the other player, try to guess what the drawing is. To give your guests, use the answer box. You can also use the chatbox to interact with other players and have fun.

When it's your turn to sketch, make the best drawing you can with the tools at your disposal! The more players who find the title, the more points you'll get!


Guess fast to get the maximum score
You can suggest to players through some words you write on the picture yourself.
Draw as fast and easy to understand as possible, without spending too much time on small details, as drawing time is limited.

Use the mouse to do it all

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