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Draw The Car Path

About Draw The Car Path


You get to sketch the path that cars use to get to their parking spots in the entertaining game Draw The Car Path, which is a combination of parking and puzzle games.

How to play

We will produce this type of game through a combination of creativity and engineering. There are thirty levels for you to reach, and we're counting on your curiosity. Will you be able to finish them all?
Establish a connection between the car and the parking rectangle using a continuous line that contacts the stars, points, and bonus, and makes its way past obstacles!

As the levels grow progressively more difficult, you will need to guide the automobiles to their specific destinations. You are playing a game of introspection and creativity here. Additionally, it is a game that tests your ability to think practically. What are some ways that you might ensure that these automobiles get to their destination without colliding with one another? 


To draw a path, you can either click and drag or tap and slide.