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G Switch 3

About G Switch 3


Running non-stop with G Switch 3. In the game, you will control the character with considerable speed, control the character to run continuously on the bars, overcome all dangerous jaggies. In the game, you need to be flexible and agile because the architecture of the bars in the game will be constantly changing. Pass through the doors in the game, if you have a problem you will be returned to the nearest door.
The game has 3 different game modes
Normal mode
Endless mode
Multiplayer mode

Each mode has its own interesting characteristics and form, in normal game mode, you will have to go through the stage of controlling two characters but only through 1 control. With Endless mode, you will have to overcome extremely flexible bars because they are designed zigzag and have many dangerous obstacles. The most special is the Multiplayer mode, you will use two different intensification and cloning modes. Five new characters are included in this mode. You can play up to eight players with the multiplayer mode option, and you can set their controls. Maintain the best run time you will win.

1 player: Click the mouse or use the arrow keys.
Player 2-8: Determine from the game menu.

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