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About Grandma


The action horror game Grandma was developed by DVloper, the game was released on December 11, 2017. The game has brought many attractions from all over the world.

During the game, you will wake up in a rotting room. The person who locks you in that bad room is the crazy old lady hunting her prey with a bloody baseball bat. You have to explore and search for items and tools to help them open the different locks the old lady kept at her front door, each room will have different objects to help you escape from chase like hiding in bed, hide in cupboards, ... Be careful of the noises you make because the old lady can hear you very clearly and attack you at any time.

On the way out of the house, you will come across some vehicles like detachable cars, find them and put together you will have a useful means to escape. Also along the way, you will meet the old lady's animals like spiders and crows behind locked doors.

You have 5 days to escape from horror prison. Are you ready?


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
H: Hidden
E: Interaction
O: drop object
Left-click: Shoot the gun
C: Crouch
D: Escape from the Bear Trap
S: The car starts the engine

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