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Ranger Fights Zombies

About Ranger Fights Zombies


Do you hate creepy cannibals, then join me as a ranger in the game Ranger Fights Zombies and destroying all the creepy zombies.

Participating in the game, you will be equipped with an oxygen tank to fly, jump for destroying zombies, indispensable in the process of destroying zombies that is a shooting gun. This gun has a multitude of main bullets so destroying the zombies is easy. On the way to kill zombies, you will also collect a lot of gold coins, collect all the coins that will help you later. The zombies are not only on the ground but they also fly in the sky. When jumping you need to pay attention to bumping them and avoid the bombs they drop because that can kill you.

The game also has support features when more zombies appear. There are 3 basic features that are using sharp snow, fireball, and thunder to destroy the zombies. Kill all the zombies to rescue the village!

Use W or arrow keys to fly, jump, or can directly click on the tank to jump.
Use the space bar to shoot guns.

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