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Stickman Archer 4

About Stickman Archer 4


Classic archery game Stickman Archer 4 with many attractive game modes. The game has 3 different levels of play.
Wave Mode: Control the Stickman to shoot at the target to get more points. Shoot diamonds flying through space to gain scores. The number of arrows is limited, please shoot the target accurately. The higher the challenge, the more difficult it, conquer all to win in this game mode.

Gunner mode level: You will be equipped with guns to defeat opponents in the dark. Aim exactly at the opponent's head to win and advance to other levels. Your opponent can counterattack and take you down at any time, so you need to aim accurately and quickly.

Arcade Mode: In this mode, you will solo archery with your opponent, aim to shoot accurately to defeat the opponent. After each level of play, your opponent will change positions, so you need to be flexible in the directions to shoot down the opponent.

Join the game to conquer all these levels!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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