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The Lost Pyramid

About The Lost Pyramid


Challenging The Lost Pyramid Treasure Hunting game. Control two characters in the game collect all the gems in the Egyptian pyramid, collect them all and find a way for the two characters to meet. On the way to find treasure, you will encounter many obstacles such as Egyptian mummies, poisonous spiders, sea urchins. Overcome all obstacles to collect the most gems available. Use your jumping ability to jump on the wall to reach the treasure house. The game screen will be divided into two different playing areas, the miniature map in the middle will cover the paths of the two characters. Avoid colliding with obstacles, colliding many times you will be eliminated from the game and start conquering again.

Character 1:
Use the arrow keys to move
F key to shoot

Character 2:
Use WASD KEYS to move
L key for punching
K key to use grenades.

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